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Over 6,000 students have been part of Sweetwater Union High School District (SUHSD) robotics since 2006.

What makes our District VEX Program different is its magnitude, outreach, continued growth, and sustainability. In the 2008-2009 school year, Hilltop High School started the first VEX robotics team in the district. In the 2010-2011 school year, Otay Ranch High School hosted its first VEX robotics tournament and in 2012-13 and based on the growth of VEX robotics teams across our district, Sweetwater VEX Robotics League was born. High school and middle school students have joined and participated in our district league for 6 years. Last school year (2017-18), we separated high school teams from middle school teams. It was the inaugural year for the Sweetwater Middle Schools VEX Robotics League with the participation of every SUHSD middle school.


2021-2022 Robotics- World Champions 

On May, 9, around 5:15pm PST, in Dallas, Texas, Rancho Del Rey Team 6446C, “The Royal Robots”, under coach Mr. Kirk Braito, after two days of competing along with over eight hundred teams from all over the world, first won their division, and then went on to beat the champions of nine other divisions to win the VEX Robotics VRC 2022 Middle School World’s Championship.  That is the highest award that can be given to middle school students in the world, and our students did it.  “This is the robotics equivalent to winning the Little League World Series. Our kids are better than 20,000 VEX teams worldwide.” Ms. Jones -Teacher

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What happens at SUHSD VEX Robotics Events? Watch videos & pictures HERE.

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  • Sweetwater Middle Schools VEX Robotics League
  • Sweetwater High Schools VEX Robotics League

2021-22 Sweetwater VEX Robotics League Events (High Schools & Middle Schools):

  • Robotics League Event #1  on September 11, 2021 @ Otay Ranch High School
  • Robotics League Event #2 on October 9, 2021 @ Hilltop High School
  • Robotics League Event #3 on November 13, 2021 @ Bonita Vista High School
  • Robotics League Event #4 on December 4, 2021 @ San Ysidro High School
  • High School League Championships on January 15, 2022 @ Montgomery High School

  • Middle School League Championships on January 17, 2022 @ Montgomery High School

2021-22 Sweetwater VEX Robotics Tournaments:

  • 12th Annual Otay Rach High VEX Regional VEX Robotics Tournament (high & middle schools) on November 6, 2021 @ Otay Ranch High School
  • South San Diego VEX Robotics Tournament (high & middle schools) on November 18, 2021 @ San Ysidro High School
  • 8th Annual Montgomery AzTechs Tournament on January 29, 2022 @ Montgomery High School
  • 4th Annual Middle Schools ONLY Tournament on February 5, 2022 @ Montgomery High School
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Joseph Amaro 
District VEX Robotics League Coordinator

Brahim Wahib
SUHSD STEAM Programs Coordinator