Math Field Day (MFD)

Welcome to our Math Field Day (MFD) Event website,

This is an annual district wide STEAM activity that engages students from Middle and Junior High Schools in a friendly mathematically themed event. The focus of the event is on math games, challenging mental gymnastics, teamwork, technology, problem solving strategies, and accuracy. These are the characteristics that are essential to 21st Century skills.

22nd Annual Math Field Day on Saturday, April 22nd, 2023
MFD Flyer

Come and participate in the competition, Computer Science games, investigations, Texas Instrument robots, and more.  The purspose of our annual Math Field Day is to provide our students with oppoortunities that inspire and motivate them to achieve and succeed in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math (STEAM).  “Language is to humans as math is to the universe.”

“Mathematics is the queeen of science, and artithmetic the queen of Mathematics”
~Carl Friedrich Causs

See video of a previous MFD in action below:

Math Field Day Video

See photos of MFD 2022


2021-22 MFD Committee

Sarah SanchezMathematics District TOSA
Laura Chavez, Lead Teacher-Host, Rancho del Rey Middle School
Tanya Lopez, CCR Administrative Assistant
Brahim Wahib, STEAM Programs Coordinator