CTE Industry Sectors

California's Career Technical Education with circles highlighting each of the 15 Industry Sectors

Agriculture and Natural Resources Arts, Media, and Entertainment Building and Construction Trades Business and Finance Education, Child Development, and Family Services Energy, Environment, and Utilities Engineering and Architecture Fashion and Interior Design Health Science and Medical Technology Hospitality, Tourism, and Recreation Information and Communication Technologies Manufacturing and Product Development Marketing, Sales and Service Public Services Transportation CTE Model Curriculum Standards

The state of California has identified 15 Industry Sectors. Each sector contains multiple career pathways in which to develop Programs of Study. It is up to individual school districts and the region’s corresponding colleges and businesses to conduct research into the needs of the industry and determine which sectors and careers can best serve the students, industry and community.

The Sweetwater Union High School District, currently offers 11 of the 15 Industry Sectors.

To learn more about each sector, click on any of the links below:

  1. Agriculture and Natural Resources
  2. Arts, Media, and Entertainment
  3. Arts, Media and Entertainment: Design, Visual, and Media Arts

  4. Building and Construction Trades
  5. Building and Construction Trades: Residential and Commercial Construction

  6. Business and Finance
  7. Business and Finance: Business Management

  8. Education, Child Development, and Family Services
  9. Energy, Environment, and Utilities
  10. Engineering and Architecture
  11. Engineering and Architecture: Engineering Design

  12. Fashion and Interior Design
  13. Health Science and Medical Technology
  14. Health Science and Medical Technology: Biotechnology
    Health Science and Medical Technology: Healthcare Administrative Services
    Health Science and Medical Technology: Patient Care

  15. Hospitality, Tourism, and Recreation
  16. Hospitality Tourism and Recreation: Food Service and Hospitality
    Hospitality Tourism and Recreation: Hospitality, Tourism and Recreation

  17. Information and Communication Technologies
  18. Information and Communication Technologies: Information Support Services

  19. Manufacturing and Product Development
  20. Manufacturing and Product Development: Welding and Materials Joining

  21. Marketing Sales and Service
  22. Marketing, Sales and Service: Professional Sales

  23. Public Services
  24. Public Services: Emergency Response
    Public Services: Public Safety

  25. Transportation
  26. Transportation: Systems Diagnostics and Services